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Wrong news of the 13 digit mobile number
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Wrong news of the 13 digit mobile number 

If you have also read the 13-digit mobile number and are also sharing it with others, then let us know that you are sharing the wrong information. In this news citing the central government, it has been said that the new mobile number will now be of 13 digits. This news is getting viral on many websites and social sites. It was also reported in the news that those mobile numbers which are ten digits will also be changed to 13 digits. This news was becoming confusing in consumers. But the Department of Telecom has issued a statement telling the news that we have no such plan. This rumor spreads on social media and news websites, which is wrong. It means that if you have read such news too, then ignore it.

On the request of telecom companies, the Department of Telecommunications has decided to start the 13-digit mobile number sim-to-machine (machine-to-machine) service. This change will not affect your mobile. Ten digit mobile numbers will continue. The Department of Telecommunication has clarified on the ongoing news that companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance and BSNL have written to us in writing a letter asking them to issue 13 digit numbers. It will be mainly valid for (M to M) retailer.

The Department of Telecommunications has decided to implement the 13-digit number for the M-to-M facility. This facility will be applicable from July 1, 2018. Only M to M mobile connections will get the number of 13 digits. The telecom department ordered that all telecom companies should prepare themselves before the due date so there is no technical problem. It will be launched from October. After all tests and technical strength, it will be fully implemented from December 31.

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