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Why team India lose, five major reasons for losing
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Why team India lose, five major reasons for losing 

In the final of the Champions Trophy, Pakistan played a spectacular game on Sunday and won a big win over India. The Pakistan team defeated India by 180 runs for the title of the Champions Trophy title for the first time.

Champions Trophy 2017

In Champions Trophy final’s match, the Pakistan team showed the game like champions from the beginning, while the Indian team disappointed in all departments of the game. Let’s know what are the reasons for Team India’s defeat.

1. Big reason for bad bowling defeat
Bad bowling was the biggest reason for Team India’s defeat. Indian bowlers have poor bowling in tomorrow’s match. Captain Virat Kohli threw down the 6 bowlers against Pakistani batting, but none of the bowlers except Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Hardik Pandya did not give up their impact.

All the bowlers got rid of the runs and gave extra runs. Indian bowlers gave 25 extra runs in yesterday’s match, in which 9 runs in LBW, 13 wide and 3 no balls were thrown. On Bumrah’s Nabol, Pakistan’s century-centurion Fakhar Jaman got life support and he played a big role in defeating 114 runs and defeating India.

Champion Trophy 2017

2. World’s number one batting lineup collapsed
Team India is considered to be the team with the world’s strongest batting lineup. India’s condition worsened by the top batsmen like Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not have thought that the condition of India was so bad against Pakistan yesterday. Indian batsmen got out in front of the Pakistani bowler. Like the cards, Indian batting collapsed. If the hearty Pandya is left out, then no Indian batsman has done his job properly. All batted with negligence and put the wicket in the bowling of Pakistan bowler. The result was that the entire Indian team was bowled out for 158 runs in 30 overs and 3 balls.

3. Dhoni and Yuvraj lost luster
Prior to the Champions Trophy final, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh were considered to be the trump card for Team India. It was believed that Team India would definitely get the benefit of these two experienced players. But both of them disappointed in yesterday’s match. Yuvraj Singh showed some hand and put four boundaries, but with 22 runs caught the pavilion. In the same way Dhoni also gave his wicket cheaply in search of a big shot.

4. Jadeja has run out Pandya, the lack of game spirit
One mistake of Ravindra Jadeja in tomorrow’s match also got enormous for Team India. Jadeja and Hardik Pandya were playing well. The partnership between the two was also increasing. It seemed as if both of them would bring a trophy to India, but it did not happen. The increased mistake of Jadeja made Pandya run out. Jadeja called Pandya for a wrong run, Pandya ran away fast and reached Jadeja at the end. But Jadeja came back on his wrist after halfway through the run and thus Pandya ran out. While introducing Jadeja to the game spirit, Pandya should have given herself a wicket while keeping her safe.

Champion Trophy 2017

5. Kohli’s poor captaincy
There was a great chance for Virat Kohli against Pakistan to prove his captaincy, but it did not happen. Virat Kohli’s captaincy was average in yesterday’s match. At first, they decided to bowl first after winning the toss, which proved to be a wrong decision and the Pakistani team first scored a huge score of 338 runs. Chasing the run, the entire Indian team was all out for 158 runs.

Champion Trophy 2017

Kohli also took a bad decision in the elections in the field of pick-up. Ravichandran Ashwin was washed clean, but the ball was being handed over to him. Kohli smashed 10 overs from Ashwin While the part-time bowler like Yuvraj Singh did not even give an over. Apart from this, many more decisions were very shocking to Kohli.

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