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Where and why did the administration in Jharkhand stop the entry of Durga Pooja Pandal?

Where and why did the administration in Jharkhand stop the entry of Durga Pooja Pandal? 

In the history of Durga Puja, there is hardly any case of injunction prohibition in any Pooja Pandal. This opportunity has come to Jharkhand. The administration has to put an injunction in a Pandal in Chatra district.

This is because there is no communal tension. Nor is there a dispute in this area. The concern of administration is the safety of the people. Yes Indeed, the Chatra Navyuvak Sangh has built a grand pandal to attract devotees. The organizers have constructed this pandal in the middle of a pond.

Floating bridges have been made with the help of drums to go to Pandal, but when people pass through this bridge, it starts moving. The administration is worried about this. The administration is concerned that if the crowd becomes uncontrollable or there is too much crowd, then there can be an accident. Therefore, prohibition was imposed in the pond so that there was no possibility of any untowardness.

Actually, on Thursday evening, the district administration examined the pooja pandals. In the meanwhile, the team carrying the flag with the team passed through this bridge, then the bridge made of drum and wooden support started moving. After this, the police and the administration took this decision in view of security.

Navyuvak Sangh is frustrated with the administration’s decision. Sangh’s officials say that by spending so much pandal has been made. Maa Durga was established in it. If people are not able to see, then what is the use of spending so much? However, he said that the union of administration’s decisions will not oppose. In order to give a glimpse of the statue of Durga to the people, a projector will be installed in the open outside the pond so that devotees are not disappointed.

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