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What Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said, that trolls social media
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What Chief Minister Raghuvar Das said, that trolls social media 

Raghuvar Das, the chief minister of a permanent government formed in Jharkhand, says that he wants to make his state the richest state in the country. In any program he does not forget to tell it. In Jamshedpur on Tuesday, in the inauguration ceremony of a Pooja Pandal, he talked about eradicating poverty from Jharkhand and trolled on social media.

In the inaugural function of the press club in Ranchi, he had said in the Ranchi last year that he wants that Jharkhand wants to stand at par with many developed countries of the world, not in the category of developed states of India. He is constantly working for this.

On Tuesday, he visited many Durga Puja pandals in Jamshedpur. The people of the state gave good wishes to Durga Puja and Dussehra. In the program of Hindustan Mitra Mandal Durga Puja Committee, the Chief Minister said, “When I took oath of Chief Minister, I asked for this blessing from Mansa Mother, Hey Maa, give me so much power that I can eradicate poverty from Jharkhand.”

Video of this program has become viral in social media. Thousands of people have watched it. A large number of people are commenting on the statement of the Chief Minister. Sanju Kumar writes, ‘Saheb Jharkhand is not out of India. Yashwant Sinha ji said just about Arun Jaitley, PM has seen close poverty, the Finance Minister will also show you. Yashwant Sinha is no illiterate now, it is not illiterate. When the condition of the country can be such, Jharkhand’s will be the same. It is not that the prohibition and GST in Jharkhand was not implemented or the price of petrol is Rs 50 or there is no unemployment here. All of this is affecting the entire country. The situation is fragile.’

People commented on the Chief Minister’s video post on Facebook. Prem Shankar said, ‘The thing is right Sir. That is why you have increased wages in salary and wages of the legislators by 7 to 70% so that the poverty eradication Let’s go, poverty of at least 82 people, ie Jharkhand MLAs and Ministers, is eroded.

Mohammad Asif writes, “When Jharkhand comes, I talk about my city first. Of Jamshedpur So far, whatever development has taken place in Jamshedpur, 99.9% of its has happened due to the Tata company. The government is just robbing the public. “Prabhat Kumar Mahato raised his anguish over the increase in the salary of the legislators and ministers, he writes, ‘go ahead and increase your salary. Phone bill allowance of Rs 1.5 lakh in free time. How much looted people in Jharkhand?

Anuj Jalan has also given a strong reaction to the remarks of the Chief Minister. He wrote, “Jharkhand’s poverty did not go away, but poverty of you and your ministers went away. You got the blessing of Mansa Mother. ‘It is not that only the criticisms of the Chief Minister are happening. Manoj Kaprdar writes, “Sir, Mansa is a blessing to mother, who is doing good to you and the Chief Minister. For the development of Jharkhand. Your public talk program was great!’

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