Weddings will start on 22 April, and then Corona will also be at peak

There are 51 Muhurats for weddings this year. According to astrologers, this year there are more marriage muhurats than last year. Because of this, the clarinets will resonate fiercely. After 20 days in April, the matrimonial events will start again and by December, a total of 55 days, including 51 big penances and 4 Abujha Muhurats, will be auspicious for marriage. May takes 18 days at most.

Jyotishacharya MK Shastri told that on April 21, the marriage ceremony will begin with the Abujha Muhurat of Ramnavami. On April 22, the first clarinet of the New Year will ring. After this, on May 14, Akshaya Tritiya, May 26 is Peepal Purnima and on July 18, Bhadli Navami is the Abuja Muhurat. These are considered to be the best for the events. 49 Muhurats of marriage last year. But fear of lockdown and infection led to marriages within 26 days.

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