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Vipin Chaurashiya is a Raising Entrepreneur from Ghaghra, Gumla

Vipin Chaurashiya is a Raising Entrepreneur from Ghaghra, Gumla 

Vipin Chaurashiya: Farmers call him “Guru”

Vipin Chaurashiya is a raising entrepreneur from Ghaghra, Gumla. He changed his life in not more than 6 months and now he is teaching others too to transform theirs. Few months ago Vipin Chourashiya was an unknown name, he use to work in a small medical store to earn his living which was not sufficient for him and family. His hunger to do something leads him to the path of success. Now he becomes inspiration to many young and old. His hard work and passion completely changed his life. He fought from poverty and stand out as a winner.


Now let’s take a glimpse on his story of success. 6 months ago Vipin was an ordinary man. Vipin says, I left my study after 7th standard and worked in a medical store to earn living for my family. But my earnings were not sufficient enough to meet the needs of my family and this situation really disturbs me a lot. One day I meet Mr. Indra Pratap Pandey, an agriculture scientist, he encourages and suggested me to raise my hand towards irrigation sector he also promised me to help and guide. I picked loan of Rs. 4 Lakh from market and took 30 acres of barren land on rent at my village and starts cultivation of sweet peas.

With his hard work and dedication along with the guidelines of Indra Pratap jee, Vipin succeeded in his goal which can be seen as his healthy crops of sweet peas. He sold the peas at a good profit margin. He sold all the peas for Rs.8 Lakh and after paying his loan he saved rest of money for his family’s well being. Vipin said, while cultivating peas , I took another 50 acres of barren land and stared cultivating mustard crop which is also in a good position and soon it will give a fruitful result. Further he says that, after few years he would grow strawberries and melons. In spite of all those good things that happened to him from past few months he says that, it feels amazing when the farmers from neighboring villages come to me to learn the modern techniques of farming.

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