The first Shahi Snaan has begun in Kumbhanagri Haridwar. Today on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, all the seven saints are taking a Shahi Snaan. First of all, the saints of Juna Akhara took a bath. After this, the saints of Agni Akhara, Awahana Akhara and then Kinnar Akhara took the royal bath. Kinnar Akhara has joined Haridwar Kumbh for the first time.

Now the saints of Niranjani Akhara have reached Har ki Pauri for bathing. After this it is the turn of the saints of Anand Akhara. Earlier, the band of Uttarakhand Police welcomed the Shahi Snaan of the sadhus by playing the tune of Namo Shivaya. Today only saints and saints are taking a bath at Har Ki Pauri. In view of this, many ghats have been evacuated. Only after half past six in the evening, ordinary people will be able to bathe at Har Ki Pauri.

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