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This mobile hospital provides “Jeevan-Jyoti” in Jharkhand

This mobile hospital provides “Jeevan-Jyoti” in Jharkhand 

This moving operation equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is not less than a temple for the poor. To remote villages of Jharkhand, it is bringing light to the lives of the poor. On behalf of Tata Trust, it has been provided to the famous Shankar Eye Hospital in Chennai based country. Under the MOU between trust and hospital, villagers have free cataract operation and eye treatment. So far, 2800 patients have been operated in this mobile surgical unit. With the help of two specialist doctors, the team of 22 para-medical personnel has been engaged in the service of the people in full swing.

Dr. Vibhuti Narayan, Incharge of Mobile Surgical Unit, said that this unit started on July 31, 2016. Its cost is about seven crore rupees. It has been built with technical support from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras.

Patients in the mobile surgical unit are treated with free eye treatment of cataract, glaucoma, cornea and other problems. Operations are also done in the same mobile unit. From lenses, glasses and medicines are also provided free of charge. At present, this mobile unit is present in Digavadih area of ​​Dhanbad. There will be 500 cataract operations. Apart from Dr. Vibhuti, Dr. Vimal Harsora is also involved in the treatment with his team. They say that our only purpose is to provide relief to all the patients coming to us.

The unit has been equipped with an impenetrable protective armor to prevent the infection of microorganisms. The entire unit has been joined by connecting two buses with a corridor. The patient is examined in a bus. Then he is taken in another bus for inside operation inside. Using special chemicals inside the buses, the micro-organisms present in the air are eliminated. Patients and doctors use disposable gowns. Those who are destroyed after the operation. The entry of outsiders in the operation chamber is prohibited.

Giving light to the eye can be a big task. Tata Steel is making every effort to bring the villagers light in their eyes. The team of Shankar Eye Hospital has a commendable role in it.

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