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These supporters of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim are either ‘Devotees’ or ‘Rowdy’?
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These supporters of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim are either ‘Devotees’ or ‘Rowdy’? 

Dera Sacha Sauda’s chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been found to be the rape victim. The sadhvi of her own camp had committed a crime. The Sadhvi did not fear, she was fighting for injustice for 15 years. Now Ram Rahim will eat the prison’s air. In the name of religion, Gurmeet was going to go ‘trap’, he used to run ‘business’, supporters had prepared a phage, he was not ready to accept his father or Ram Rahim as a rapist. Such blind supporters-devotees do not have to fill the country’s law-order. So when the CBI court termed it as the rape of rape, the supporters of Ram Rahim made a huge blunder.

In place of the blind devotees, the violence, the fired. Attacked the police, attacked the media. It was already anticipated. The manner in which the supporters of Ram Rahim were giving open threats from three days, they were giving directly to Rajsatta’s election, so much had been found by him that if the decision comes against Ram Rahim, it will be a ruckus. Yet the government remained Maine Baba. Let the supporters come. No Rake-Tack. The government and the administration were responsible for the administration.

There was no preparation for the government-administration. The Government of Haryana showed a soft attitude towards Ram Rahim. It is possible that the manner in which Ram Rahim had ‘political assistance’ in the election, the government under its ‘favor’ was suppressed. Highcourt also understood these things. Then Highcourt had to comment on whether the DGP of Haryana should be suspended. After that the administration was warned, but by then the situation was bad. If Highcourt did not interfere, it might have been a situation and a bad man Highcourt warned, the paramilitary force and the army were called.

First thing is Ram Rahim. Okay, Gurmeet Ram Rahim got raped. The CBI investigated The shape was found right. Kurt announced his decision. If supporters of Ram Rahim do not agree with this decision, then go to the court above. By threatening, violence can not make a decision in their favor. These people are not above the Constitution, are not above law and court. But, supporters of Ram Rahim are treating them above the law.

It may be that the maximum number of supporters of Gurmeet, but this does not allow them to get felony. Anyone who is guilty of rape, must go to jail. No matter how big a baby is How big is the leader? It was the Haryana Government’s responsibility to make such arrangements, so that no one could support the support of the Dera. The administration ordered that the law be dealt strictly with those who took it in hand. But, he did not do that.

Supporters of Ram Rahim on Friday kept burning vehicles, kept on attacking the police, kept attacking the police. For one hour no action was taken on these rowdy elements. It may be that the order from above is not found. It is very rare to see that the police are stoning and the police run away. The police’s compulsion was visible. Police-semi-soldiers would like to tie hands to force them to calm down the mischief, how can this be possible?

Highcourt also said that if needed, please force it, but law and order will remain in every situation. Despite the clear order, the police were not given freedom. People had died. Violence has spread in many states. Is it responsible for this? The answer is: Government and Administration

Okay, running Gun fired is not a diagnosis of any problem. But, when the situation started coming out of hand, it would also take such tough decisions. Political gains and weight bank will take care of Highcourt’s stance on Friday again became stiff The supporters of Ram Rahim have blamed government offices, offices, trains, tally of, Then court’s clear order came. The property of Ram Rahim can be seized by seizing the property and compensating for that money.

Historical order What was the character of the common man, whose cars were burned? They were beat Supporters of Ram Rahim have raised the problem of violence and increased violence. People’s sympathy is not with Ram Rahim. The fugitives of the supporters have seen the whole country. Okay, faith is there. But the felony can not be given in the name of religion and religion. Law has done its job. If the government and the administration are still aware, it will be in his interest, then it will be in his interest.

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