Who is transitioning from the SBI account of Rajeshwar Raut, a resident of Asurbandha village of Sonarayathadhi, is not aware of this. On December 21, the SBI had reached the bank branch to get the support link from Sonarayathadhi Branch. His account could not be linked to the technical reason, but he got restless after updating the passbook. It is known that the transaction is running in its account number 34224774886 from the year 2014. He has not even taken an ATM, despite his account several times the deposit has been withdrawn from the ATM. From December 22, 2014, on August 2, 15, the transaction has been 166 times with Rajeshwars account, in which more than two lakh rupees has been deposited. Rajeshwar says that he had applied to open an account under Jandhan Yojna.

At that time the bank was asked to deposit five hundred rupees, but because of not having five hundred rupees he could not even make a passbook. When he got the money, he had received a receipt by depositing five hundred rupees near Sonalal Sen under Kiosk Banking and by showing the same receipt, he made a passbook from SBI Sonarayathadhi Branch on June 7, 2016. Meanwhile, he did not make any transactions in the account. When he inquired about the transactions in his account from the bank manager, he could not find a satisfactory answer. The bank manager has asked for two days. Meanwhile, Rajeshwar reached the cyber police station on Friday to issue the complaint. In Cyber ​​police station, he has written a written complaint of the case. Rajeshwar has accused the bank of collusion in the whole case. In this regard, Cyber ​​police station DSP Ajay Kumar Sinha said that Rajeshwars application is under investigation.


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