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The medicine of malaria is not available in eight district

The medicine of malaria is not available in eight district 

Malariaresistant (antiMalaria) drug is not available in Ranchi including Palamu, East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum, Hazaribagh, Deoghar, Koderma and Dhanbad districts.

Not only is there a poster-banner ready for the promotion of malaria prevention in these districts and neither has the blood slide purchased for anti-mosquito drugs and anti-malarial drugsThe malaria officials of these districts are repeatedly appearing in oral and written form, but it is not affecting the concerned civil surgeons.

At the meeting of District Malaria officials on July 17, 18 and 19, it was reported that there are no preparations for the prevention of disease in the above eight districts. The worst situation is that of RanchiThere is nothing to prevent malaria at the PHC and CHC level here. Overall, in this situation, what is the condition of malaria prevention in the state, its condition is revealed.

More risk of malaria in rainy season

Significantly, rainy season is favourable for the spread and spread of malaria. Therefore, the Health Department asks to take measures to prevent malaria before the rains. In this regard, the then Health Secretary, Vidyasagar had prepared a special meeting with the Director (NHM) and Head of the Director on Health on September 15, 2015
To prevent dengue and malaria, they had asked to provide malaria medicines at all the health centers and to spread the malaria free investigation and treatment. It was clarified that the purchase of anti-malaria drugs is decentralised. That is, the civil surgeon of every district has the responsibility to purchase it as per the requirement and ensure that no one dies from malaria.

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