Christian missionary today is celebrating Kabra Puja throughout the state of Jharkhand. There are special prayers for Holy Souls. Worship and all is being done in around 700 kabra located in all 38 Ladders of Gumla Dharmapranta. The tombs are decorated with flowers and candles.

Wicker General Father Ciprian Kullu of Gumla Dharmapranta on the Kabra Puja told that life and death are two aspects of the same coin. According to the belief of the Beloved Faith, the person who dies is born again. Death is not the end of life, but the beginning.

He said that human beings belong to the holy souls, because those who are dead are our own. Today we pray for holy souls. We apologize for the sins and evil that the ancestors did during their lifetime and did not ask for forgiveness from God. Also kill the hidden evil and the devil in yourself.

There are 38 Ladders in Gumla Dharmapranta. There are 350 small churches under it. There are about 700 kabra in these churches. The Kabras are worshiped on two caves every year in these cemeteries. In this there is a special prayer for holy souls.

Under the Dharmapranta, there are some areas like Gumla, Soso, Tukutoli, Rampur, Dalmadi, Turbunga, Agharma, Konbir Navatoli, Kemtatoli, Mamrala, Keondtoli, Chhatrapahad, Roshanpur, Lauwakera, Sundarpur, Devgaon, Karondabeda, Manjhatoli, Jokari, Murumkela, Tongo, Bardih, Chainpur, Malam Navatali, Nawadih, Katakahi, Kedeng, Parsa, Bhikhampur, Rajaval, Kapodih, Dumarpat, Dokapat, Banari, Vimarlla and Navdiha churches.

Reasons for celebrating the Kabra Puja –¬†Those who died, they were the first humans. They had life They sinned in their lifetime but did not ask for forgiveness from God. Therefore their children apologize to their ancestors for God.

Recognition of the Kabra Puja –¬†Christians believe that there is no end to life after death. Reincarnation occurs after death. This belief has come from the time of creation, which will continue till the end. There is a relationship with the elders from the grave worship.

Believe in the Kabra Puja – The Kabra is a sacred place. There is no discrimination after death. Those who died, they live in a quiet posture in the kabra. As long as man is alive, he does both bad and good deeds. If we pray to God, then our sins are removed.


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