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The criminals of Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand raided the house of BJP leader in Madhupur, and arrested seven

The criminals of Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand raided the house of BJP leader in Madhupur, and arrested seven 

Armed criminals looted the property of BJP leader Arvind Yadav in Kalipur town of Madhupur and town of Deoghar district of Jharkhand and looted property worth more than 16 lakhs including cash and jewellery. With arms, he took the members of the house under his possession and tied his hands and legs.

According to the information, after two o’clock on Tuesday night, six criminals entered the room, through the roof of the house. Pushing the pistol on the son of Arvind first, he pushed the door and captured it. They also beat up the opposition. Arvind and his wife and daughter were also taken by criminals.

Cash worth more than six lakh rupees, four gold chain, mangalasutra, two added top, four pair of anklets, two locks, nuthia, two mangalasutra, earrings, silver coins of 12 coins, silver Ganesh Statue, worth more than seven lakh rupees including idol, watch and camera. Apart from this, a new bullet and an Apache bike were taken.

The criminals sought the key to carry the vertical Bolero, but left him because he could not get it. The criminals broke the piggy bank and took the money kept in it. All the criminals were wearing cloth on their face. Bhojpuri and Hindi were talking in To woo the householder, they were calling each other by that name, so that they were Muslims of the people. The criminals also talked to outsiders on the phone. The culprits stayed for more than an hour.

Disrupted the mobile phone and SIM of all the members of the house and dispersed. At about three and a half o’clock, they escaped and fled. After the criminals escaped, Arvind in some way opened his rope and told the neighbors to come out. Subsequently, mobile phones were informed by SP Deoghar A Vijayalakshmi, SDPO Ashok Kumar Singh and Inspector Incharge Vinod Kumar with the help of neighbors. Those people themselves also went in search of criminals from other vehicles.

Police also showed great readiness after the incident. Seven criminals fleeing Scarpio were caught near the new Chihuati of the Margomunda Police Station area. Apart from them, six lakh cash and more than six lakh jewels have been recovered, besides the looted double-decker found in Fulchi. Several items, including three country pistols, 14 bullets, 2 stabs, were recovered from them.

Ashok Yadav, a resident of Gondlitant, was absconding in the incident. The arrested criminals are identified as Sanjay Ram and Shankar Ram of Dhanbad, Randhir Yadav of Chihutia, Uttam Dome of Andal in Burdwan district of West Bengal, besides Saurav Singh and Chhotu Kumar, the new Tola resident of Bakhtiyarpur in Bihar, as Kunal Kumar of Bakhtiyarpur.

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Superintendent of Police A Vijayalakshmi said that the involvement of inter-state criminals in the incident of night robbery in Kalipur town on Tuesday night. The police has just emerged the entire matter a few hours after the incident. Eight criminals were involved in the incident. Seven of these have been arrested. Chief Ashok Yadav is absconding. He said that police got active immediately after getting information about the incident at night. In addition to Madhupur, information was given to Margomunda, Sarthe, Old Police Pickett, Bangaabad, Narayanpur of Jamtara, Ahilyapur of Giridih and Ganday police station. The siege of criminals was made from all four sides. In the escape order, the Margomunda and Madhupur police seized seven criminals from Chihuatiya. He told that Ashok Yadav and Randhir Yadav had called the criminals out from the outside. Criminals involved in the incident are registered in Dhanbad, Madhupur Rail Police Station, Bakhtiyarpur, Giridih, Allahabad, Dhanbad GRP, West Bengal etc. Many police stations have registered cases. Most of these criminals have been in jail and there has been a friendship of these people. He said that Sanjay Ram, who is close to Dhanbad’s Golf Grade, is a big criminal. He said that the police had seized six lakh cash, more than six lakh jewelery, two bikes, eight mobile besides scorpio vehicles used in the incident. Also three pistol and 14 bullets were also recovered. A criminal involved in the case is absconding. Which police will arrest soon He said that for showing the readiness in the scandal, the Madhupur SDPO, Inspector Incharge, Marjomunda police station in-charge and night patrol team will be recommended for the citation and award by the government. On the occasion, SDPO Ashok Kumar Singh, Inspector Incharge Vinod Kumar, Marjumunda Station Inspector Asim Kamal Topon were present.

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