The Chhath Ghat of the city is ready to celebrate the Maha Parv Chhath. On Monday, the Ranchi municipal cleaners sprayed bleaching powder and lime in all Chhath Ghats. Cleanliness Special attention was paid to the safety of the ghats. Barricades have been replaced by bamboo in deeper ponds. A red ribbon has also been depicted showing the danger mark. Additional Municipal commissioner Girja Shankar Prasad took stock of the sanitation arrangements of the ghats and looked satisfied.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation has made attractive lights on 40 Chhath Ghats for facilitating the reorganization. The Eastern and Western Ghats of the Great Pond, the Eastern and Western Ghats of Kanke Dam, the Hatniya Talaab, the Joint Talaab Bariatu, the Hathma Talaab, the AdalhatuTalaab, the Bargain Talaab, Tiril Talaab Kokar, Banas Talaab, the Madhukam Talaab, the Argora Lake, Anand Nagar Lake, Namkum and Hatia Ghat, Chandrasekhar Talaab, Hesag Talaab, Tupudana Talaab, Dhurwa Dam, Karmtoli Talaab and Line Tank Talaab etc. of Swarnrekha River are included.

The city corporation has beautified 12 Talaab of the city last year. Due to this, the depth of the ponds has also increased. On the other hand, almost all the pond in the city is almost watery. Therefore, keep your attention in depth while descending the pond. Dip in the water just below barricading.

Line tank pond
Line tank pond is also watery this time. Normal devotees should not go deep into water, for this, barricading and red ribbons have also been installed. The local Puja Samiti and the municipal corporation have made attractive lights here.

Kanke Dam
On the Eastern and Western Ghats of Kanke Dam, thousands of people reach every year to give Argh to Chhathwati. Barricading has been done on the security of both the ghats of Dam. In front of barricading, Chhath vratis do not go away in water.

Jail pond
Nirmal Mahto chowk, a jail pond this time is very watery. At a distance of four to five feet, there is so much depth that a man can drown too. For this, barricades have been done by the Municipal Corporation. There is also attractive lighting here by the local Pooja Committee.

Added pond
Due to beautification, the depth of the added pond has increased. Cleanliness work This pond has been completed. But keep in mind the depth while landing in the pond. Do not go into the water more than five feet away. Suddenly, you may have to face more depth.

Rims pond
Water in this lake near Rims is elusive this year. The cleaning work of the pond has also been completed. Do not go ahead with two stairs in water in Chhath Vrati.

Argora Lake
The Argora Lake is also hot with water this year. The cleaning work of the pond has also been completed by the Municipal Corporation. Due to the availability of water, people are at risk of drowning. Therefore people pay attention to barricading. Do not go too deep.

Hero pond
This year, water is very low in Nayak Talab Chutia. However, before entering the pond, pay special attention to the barricades and ribbons for safety. The attractive worship has also been done by the local Pooja Samiti in the pond.

Big pond
The beautification work is going on in the big pond this year. For this reason the water in the pond is low. The place for building building in place is lying. Barricading has been done in many places. Here the team of NDRF will be deployed.

Karamtoli pond
Due to beautification this time this pond is unhealthy. Due to excavation the pond has become very deep. But the place is out of place rods. Therefore, whatever Chhath Vrati is going to give to Argh here. Special attention should be taken while landing in the water.

The municipal corporation has beautified this pond last year. The water in the pond this year is also elusive. Focus on barricading before landing in Chhath Vrati Pond. The local Puja Samiti and the municipal corporation have made attractive lights here.

Bans pond
The water in this pond located in a multi-market area is immovable. Those who land in the Western Ghats of the pond will not have any serious problem. The depth is high in the Eastern Ghats. Therefore, take care of Chhath Vrati carefully.


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