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The beautiful painting of Dr. Rekha Rana of Jharkhand, in the Jahangir Art Gallery

The beautiful painting of Dr. Rekha Rana of Jharkhand, in the Jahangir Art Gallery 

Man connects his art with each other, even if the human being is geographically settled away, the evidence of this is seen in the artifacts of our ancient civilizations‘. The above mentioned words were told by Dr. Rekha Rana, a resident of Hazaribagh. Who have got the opportunity to set up their paintings exhibition in Jahangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. The reputation of Jahangir Art Gallery is around the whole country and there Rekhas solo exhibition looks.

Line told that the name of this exhibition is Indus-strems and delphi hills (Indo-Greek reminiscences). The exhibition starts from May 29 and will run until June 4. The theme of this exhibition is based on the relation of ancient civilizations of India and Greece.

Rekha said that I have been studying this topic for the last 13-14 years and in my research it has found that today even though the civilization of Europe and India is different, but that Greece is the mother of European civilization, Along with our ancient relation. Even today the tribals of Jharkhand who paint their artworks, their symbols are very similar to the symbol of painting present in the civilization of ancient Greece. Pregnant animals, cubs, birds etc. are still visible in the painting of tribals of Jharkhand, which are also seen in the remnants of ancient civilization of Greece, which are up to a thousand years BC.

Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh, Mahodar. He completed school education from Bokaro and then done fine arts in Banaras Hindu University. From there he also did a Ph.D. The line lives in Mumbai since 2005 but has done a lot of research work on the Naxal affected areas of Jharkhand. His research emerged in his paintings. He got the ‘Artist of the Year‘ award two years ago for the use of ‘3D‘ printing in the field of painting.

Rekha’s has so far organized 10 solo exhibitions in different parts of the country. He was interested in painting since childhood. He took inspiration from the pictures made in the mud houses of his village. They got the first education mother and grandmother who used to do the inbridge. He got fellowship from the Ministry of Culture. Many other awards are also in their account.

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