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Take care of these things during the lunar eclipse, Know effects of lunar eclipse on your horoscope
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Take care of these things during the lunar eclipse, Know effects of lunar eclipse on your horoscope 

The first moon eclipse will take place on Friday, Guru Purnima, the second of this year, visible in India and the first of the year, 2075 (Hindu calendar). The eclipse begins at 11:54 am, the middle of the night at 1:52 pm and the salvation of the eclipse will be at 3:49 pm. This lunar eclipse will be visible in all parts of Australia, Asia, China, Europe, Russia, Japan, African countries, New Zealand and south-eastern part of South America. Eclipse is a celestial phenomenon. Therefore there is no special need to be afraid of eclipse.

Jyotishcharya Pandit Ramashankar Tiwari told that according to the theology, the sunlight of the moon eclipse takes place nine hours before the tangent. The sunshine of this lunar eclipse will start from 2:54 pm on Friday. Decision Nirnay Sindhu, idol worship, food, sleeping, travel, work-time, work-related and Fecal-urine emission are forbidden during the cotton yarn. According to modern belief, the daily routine of food, etc., is restricted from the touch of eclipse to the time of liberation till the liberation period. Older, patient and children do not feel blame. Chanting of Bhagvat Bhajan and Mantra in the eclipse period is considered as auspicious and special charity.

Keep these things in mind
Avoid Chandra Darshan during the eclipse period.
Stay in the house as far as possible.
Do not sleep in the eclipse period, but chant meditation hymns and mantras of God.
Avoid using scratches or scars.
Avoid worry and futility. Be happy

Effects of eclipse on horoscope
Aries: Generally Happiness, beneficial.
Taurus: Prodding respect, obstacle in the governance.
Gemini: Adversarial, annoying, unrestricted.
Cancer: Trouble, mental disturbance to the spouse.
Lion: Exquisite Fruitful, Joy From Dear
Virgo: Generally addictive, expensive.
Libra: Distress people, suffer from pleasure.
Scorpio: Fundraising, wealth development.
Sagittarius: Adversarial, annoying, money loss
Capricorn: Physical pain, unsatisfactory
Aquarius: Disruptive, anxious
Pisces: Exquisite Fruitful, Joy From Dear

Eclipse period
Eclipse start time: 11.54 pm
Full lunar eclipse start time: one o’clock
Duration of the complete lunar eclipse: one hour 45 minutes
Full Eclipse Period: Three Hours 55 Minutes)

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