Actress and Comedian Sumona Chakravarti is in discussion these days because of her new photoshoot. They are wearing bikini in these pictures. The photos have been shared by Sumona on her twitter and instagram which is getting mixed feedback from people. Some people are also criticizing their incarnation.

Sumona who is fame from Kapil Sharma’s show started trolling. One fan wrote, I will tell Sharma …. Let us discuss here that Sumona is celebrating holidays in Thailand these days. He has written a picture with his …

Life is a beach
Live by the currents,
Plan by the tides,
And follow the sun.

Some people have even written that Sumona is not getting work, so she wants to get attention by sharing such pictures.

Sumona Chakravarti

Keep in mind that Kapil has announced his new show Family Time with Kapil last week. Sumona can also be seen in this show. Sumona has been away from Limelight for a long time. He was last seen in TV show Dev.


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