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Students accused of corruption on JSSC and JPSC

Accusing the arbitrariness and rigging in JSSC and JPSC, students protested at Ranchi today. Students sat on the Kutchery Chowk by blocking the road. Students kept road block for nearly an hour. Students said that the performance of giving assurance of not being the main examination was stopped. Resisting students have demanded that the reservation from the first Civil Services Examination to the Sixth Civil Services Examination was given the benefit of reservation in the initial examination.

Bihar is still being given, while JPSC has terminated it without any government order. It should be implemented urgently. Student leader Manoj Yadav said, “The scandal involving in JPSC and JSSC. These people are implementing different rules. All these activities are being done to get children out of Jharkhand. Both are playing together to sell seats. External people are being given a job. The Jharkhand government is giving private jobs to the people whose salary is 5 thousand to 6 thousand.

Students said, “We are forced to stop the road like this but we have no other way. What do we do. JPSC is repeatedly misguided by saying that the result of the Sixth Civil Preliminary Examination has been released in the light of the order of the High Court. While the truth is that the High Court has not passed any order to give or give reservation in the preliminary examination in the Laxman Tappo dispute, it has been said that it is a matter of state government whether or not to give reservation in the preliminary examination or not.

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