Due to heavy thunderstorms that took place on Monday evening, there has been a loss in many places in the city. Trees fell in many areas including Sakchi, Mango, Sonari. Trees have fallen on a house in Sitaramadera, while trees fell on the hotel china near the Sankchi Sheetla Temple. Due to the fall of the tree near the Sankchi nine number stand goalkeeper, a tempo and car got damaged and the traffic jammed. Snack cart was damaged due to fall in the trees behind the Diamond Market in Sakchi. Animal sheds fell in Bagbeda Gadhabasa.

Due to the fall of trees during storm-water, the maximum impact is on the power system in the non-company sector. Due to the fall of trees and fall on the wire, power supply has been stalled in many areas. Due to heavy rainfall, due to heavy rainfall, when there was heavy water logging on the roads, water was flooded in many houses in Sonari Adarsh Nagar Phase 7 and there was water in the way.

Just a 25-minute storm struck dozens of trees, the roofs of the houses evacuated.

In Jmahal, Borio, and Mandro, there was heavy loss in the area at around two o’clock in the morning due to the storm and water. The worst catastrophe has happened in the Borio Market, Borio Anthali, Telo, Beechpura and Motipahari Panchayat. Dozens of raw houses have collapsed, the roof of many houses has been demolished.

Power supply interrupted due to falling power poles and towers in place. Around 25 minutes of storm water flutters.

Death of Sunita Pahadin, the three-year-old daughter of Rama Paharia, was buried in the roof in Danwar village of the Beachpura Panchayat. Rama Pahadia told that all the members of the family were asleep. Then the roof of the house fell in the storm. All the families left the house after leaving But the daughter was buried under the roof.

Here too, the house of Ram Lohar Up Tola resident Rampreet Durve fell. Several members of his family have been injured in this. Under the Khairava Panchayat, on the road side of Chandni Chowk, breakfast shop of Kartik Sen, bicycle shop of Amit Mandal, Baba Line Hotel etc. were completely damaged. The roof of many shops broke out at Chakgama, Borio Santali, Harnachara, Moti Hilli, Tetiria, Chandni Chowk of the block. Due to the fall of electrical power and transformer in place, power supply was interrupted by Monday late evening.

BDO Said: BDO of Borio Mr. Ashish Mandal said that there are reports of damage to the storm-water. Damage is being assessed by sending revenue employee. The letter will be sent to the Disaster Management Department. Victims will be compensated at all times.


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