Due to the negligence of the rail and district administration, 154 passengers of the special train coming from Mumbai to Ranchi disappeared before reaching Ranchi. When the train reached Ranchi station, there were only 30 passengers. However, the railway administration had informed the district administration about the arrival of 184 passengers. Accordingly, the investigation was arranged by the district administration. However, at the Nimiaghat station of Dhanbad division, the train was stopped for an hour and a half without any knowledge.

When the passengers came to know that the corona would be checked at Gomo, Bokaro and Ranchi stations, the passengers got off the train. When the train reached Ranchi station, the entire train looked empty. The hands and feet of the railway administration swelled to see where 154 passengers went. Corona-positive among the passengers who have run away due to the negligence of the rail and district administration will spread the infection. On whose orders, the railway administration is refusing to say that the train was stopped at Nimiaghat station.

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