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Smoke rising in aircraft flying from Ranchi, Emergency landing in anon-phanan

Smoke rising in aircraft flying from Ranchi, Emergency landing in anon-phanan 

120 passengers aboard the AirAsia Air Number (15-549) from Ranchi to Delhi went into panic when the cargo area of ​​the air started smoking in the air. The aircraft took off from Ranchi airport at 5.25 pm on Saturdays. At the same time, the pilot was informed of the smoke rise from the cargo area of ​​the aircraft (where the passengers are kept the same). Pilot immediately informed the Ranchi ATC. Ranchi ATC asked to bring the aircraft to Birsa Munda Airport immediately.

During this time the Chief Minister had to land the chartered aircraft of Raghuvar Das at 6.10 pm. This has led to a confrontation in the airport. ATC asked for landing of CM’s chartered aircraft in Anan-Phanon. Fire fighting crew, QRT team was adjourned around the airport runway. The CISF personnel arrived on alert. After this, safe landing was done at Birsa Munda airport of Area Asia, around 6.28 in the evening.

Passengers were evacuated after the safe landing of the aircraft. After this the match was dropped from cargo area one by one. Later this aircraft was grounded according to DGCA rules. All passengers were sent to Delhi by the second flight of Air Asia at 10.30 hrs. Passengers had to pass on the airport for more than four hours. Regarding the incident, the Air Asia official contacted the telephone several times, but no reply was given.

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