Simdega district is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand state, India, and Simdega town is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district is the least population density district of Jharkhand (2011).

Simdega district was carved out from erstwhile Gumla district on 30 April 2001. It is currently a part of the Red Corridor. As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Jharkhand (out of 24), after Lohardaga and Khunti districts.

Popular places in Simdega District: Chhinda Dam, Ramrekha dham, Ramjanki Mandir, Gandhi Maidan, Kelaghagh, Kobang Dam, Sarna mandir and Dhangadi

Simdega district consists of 10 Blocks. The following are the list of the Blocks in Simdega district: Bano block, Bansjore block, Bolba block, Jaldega block, Kersai block, Kolebira block, Kurdeg block, Pakartanr block, Simdega block and Thethaitangar block

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