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Silent environment in this village of Gumla after the accident

Silent environment in this village of Gumla after the accident 

On Sunday night, the number of people killed in the road accident in Palmadipa of Bharno police station area rose to 13. There is weeds in the village of Jatargadi, due to the death of 13 people. After the incident information, no one sleeps overnight. All are crying Do not burn the stove in someone’s house on Monday. The whole village is sunk in hobby. Here, there is resentment among the people of the village after the incident. More than 100 villagers landed down and jammed the National Highway 43 There is a road jam from 11 am on the day. At the same time, there was a post-martam of all the dead bodies in Gumla Sadar Hospital. Three doctors did post-mortem. Gumla DC Shravan Sai gave ten thousand rupees to the family for the last rites of dead bodies.

Due to DC, SP from the morning in Gumla Hospital. After the post mortem, he arranged to send the village. According to the information, there was a gruesome road accident near Palmadipa at 9.30 pm. The trucks and tempos were rushing together. There were 16 people in Tempo. In this incident, 11 people died on the spot. While five people were injured. In which two people died in the order of treatment in Ranchi. The situation of three people is fragile.

There are seven women, four children and two men in the dead. All of the deceased filling blocks belong to the village of Jatargadi. All are members of the same family. These people went to the Gargaon Sixth Festival of Bero Block. All the people were returning to Jatargadi village on a happy pleasure night. At that time, near the Palmadipa, the truck pushed the tempo from the front. It is being told that the truck going from Sisai to Ranchi was dragging the tempo and dragging some distance. The tempo was blown up. The police is probing the truck seized. The illegal sand was in the truck.

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