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Shikha Malhotra wants to become an expression queen, doesn’t avoid controversy

Shikha Malhotra wants to become an expression queen, doesn’t avoid controversy 

Shikha Malhotra is actor, singer, dancer, painter and writer. Started acting career with Shah Rukh Khan. Acted in many languages ​​film. A very beautiful crest wants that the world calls them Expression Queen. They have no avoiding contrusion. Shikha believes that artists are benefited from anti-controversy. Richly versatile speaker, Delhi-born Shikha Malhotra, who was born in Delhi, studied and made Bollywood career, is currently staying in Ranchi. Shikha Malhotra is responsible for the overall responsibility of conducting programs organized under the Jharkhand International Film Festival.

Shikha Malhotra says she wants to become a perfect artist. Since childhood, she has been engaged in music and music. It was just three years old, when she performed on stage for the first time. The program of the crew of the program which was presented at the Sur-Taal Stadium of Talkotra, can be judged by the fact that the artist of Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan performed on that stage. She was only seven years old when he started studying classical music. He took the title of music poison Learn different dance forms including Kathak. The programs that came on TV also inspired them to learn music and music. Shikha studied classical music from the Gandharva College of Delhi.

Shikha, daughter of head nurse in Delhi, decided to pursue her acting career after securing her nursing from Safdargunj Hospital. After that she came to Mumbai. Shikha got the film of Yash Raj Banner as soon as Mumbai came. Director Sujit Singh was very impressed with Shika’s performance in the film ‘Running Wedding‘ by Taapsee Pannu. He called Shikha a natural talent. It increased his morale and assured her that she would surely get success in his work. She was also motivated to work continuously. Today she is working in different language films and albums.

Shikha Malhotra has worked in Sri Lanka’s Tamil filmSenthinal‘. Working in Punjabi films and albums. They have their own dance group. This group offers stage performance in different countries. She says that her group is expert in 12 styles of dance. Shikha says that working in movies is a big deal, but even more is to be seen in front of the audience (audiences). They like to perform in the middle of the audience. Shikha Malhotra, who has always tried to learn new things, is still a disciple of the master giving training to Rising Star participants. They say that as long as there is life, the person should learn something.

According to Shikha, Alia Bhatt is considered as the best actress in today’s time. She said that after seeing ‘Raazi‘, she thought that Alia Bhatt is the most distinct and powerful actress in the current actresses. Look at age, she looks very mature actress. A message is hidden in her film. Her acting goes to life. Asked what his biggest strength is, Shikha Malhotra said that his thinking is his strength. She said that if your thinking is correct then you will become whatever you want. Fate follows the action. Therefore, thinking should be made broad and positive, so that its results are positive too.

Shikha Malhotra said that there should be no wall between parents and children. There should be a dialogue between the two. Children should not hide anything from their parents. In the same way, parents should also listen to every word of their children, there should be no relation between fear between children and parents. The child should share everything with his parents. Her parents played a similar relationship with him. She taught the crest never to be scared. Fall is not a failure. If ever you fall, then you will get an experience. So do not ever stop. Should always be moving forward.

Shikha Malhotra, who is in Jharkhand for the first time, is very impressed with seeing Ranchi’s greenery. She said that Jharkhand is very beautiful. The culture here is very rich. She needs to be protected. During the International Film Festival, people from all over the world will be told about tribal culture and civilization here. The talent here will get a detailed pane. Such events need to be promoted. Shikha is keen that she has come out of Bollywood and has worked in Sri Lanka. Shikha, who came to Anchoring Jharkhand International Film Festival, wants to host the Indian Film Festival.

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