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Screenplay Writing Workshop: Youth will learn film script in Ranchi

A seven-day film screenwriting workshop is being organized in Jharkhand’s capital, Ranchi. Students interested in film production will participate in this workshop. Starting on 23rd May this workshop is being organized in the Mass Communication Department of St. Xavier’s College. In the workshop, Samvartha Sahil (screen writer and former student of FTII) and Mr. Prakash (filmmaker, Xavier’s Faculty, National Award winner) will train the participants. During the workshop, the details of the screenplay writing will be conveyed to the students.

Why is this workshop organized?

The interest of young generation has increased in Jharkhand for film production. But good films are not being able to make good films. In spite of being proficient in acting, singing, music and technology, the youth are facing difficulties during filmmaking. Among the rich cultural heritage, beautiful litigants and various disparities, there are thousands of untold stories in Jharkhand, which are unable to come out due to the lack of proper script. During this ‘Screenplay Writing Workshop‘, specially the stories that will be created on the background of Jharkhand will be taken care of.

13 peoples have been selected for this workshop. Students from other states including Jharkhand are also participating in this workshop. These include many students and budding filmmakers. Due to easy access to technology, making the film has become easier, but the lack of content is still being felt. This workshop organized under the aegis of Kritika Productions will prove to be a boon for the filmmakers of Jharkhand. Workshop organized on Screenplay Writing will be held in the ‘Mass Communications Department of St. Xavier’s College.

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