Note Guardians living in the capital. In Ranchi season, you can spend a little longer and in quilts or blankets. The morning-morning baby has to go up to the bus stand or auto stand to get you extra time. Your children’s school time has changed.

The new time of school will take effect from Wednesday (November 22). The district Education Office of Ranchi has also issued orders in this regard. Office issued by the signature of district education officer Ratan Kumar Mahavar, the order stated that the reading-reading in the District’s Secondary and + 2 schools is being changed from November 22 to the next order, given the drop in temperature.

According to this order, schools will now be studying at 09:00 am to 03:00 pm. This order has been copied to the inferior divisional education bearers, Ranchi as well as all secondary and + 2 secondary schools.


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