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Save Boys Not Girls
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Save Boys Not Girls 

You might be thinking that the title written above is lil bit awkward or i might have done some mistakes…but let me remind you that no i am not doing any mistake neither I’ve done..Yes the mentioned title is perfectly appropriate with this present era.This is the great irony of our country even this continues with our current state Jharkhand too..We say that we should save girl child,we should protect our daughters ,our sisters,mothers but why somebody is not understanding that rather saving our female population we should save actually boys nd masculine community of our country..who are freely moving here and there molesting other girls forgetting that the same girl to whom they are molesting,to whom they are betraying they are the most important  source of their family…This topic is not actually a topic of great debate but creating and lightning the sense of great deep awareness among each of us that why always only girls…

Everywhere you can see that every single family is on and on just to protect their girl candidates one is bothered to see where their son or boy are…Because we are overprotective and overconscious about the only feeling of having girls in our home.If a boy is alcoholic then its a matter of pride ..but if same exists with a girl den this means that she doesn’t belong from a good society ..she lacks basic moral values ..and she is walking with a sign board of availability ..that she is available for any kind of boy to molest her,torture her..seriously very pathetic condition.We all have become mute, silent observer because still we are waiting to experience the same situation with our own family members.Yes girls are there but not meant for using or destroying them.They too deserve a proper respect, response ,right and reservation in your so called society .If today i am saying that we should think once that how we are raising our children especially our boys then i dont think that this question  will not be legal in any manner..

Even today also women are tortured for dowry,for giving birth to girl child…and lot more.Above all these if a girl is single or unmarried or she is divorced then the whole world sucks her as if she has committed some crime.They ON their judgements box and come out with various and varieties of statements like may be the girl is definitely not right or her character is doubtful..lot more.This is my personal opinion to all of u that if a man is man its by his matter of birth..if he is a gentleman that is by his matter of choice..Please dont judge a woman or a girl by her dressing sense or the way she drape herself…Venue or her eating drinking habits will not define her character…So we really need to save our boys not girls because the day boys and their dirty mentality are saved ..allthe girls will be saved and most probably secured..A good example we can take from the recent incident in our jharkhand one girl was molested ,raped and finally killed..still no clues of her criminals…Another one banglore molestation…so many examples in which girls are the sufferers and still we are on the way of saving only girl child…

Why to save that thing which has already that inbuilt function of saving them from childhood…Since right from their birth girls are taught to save them but honestly thats not saving thats supressing…yes suppression of their desires and their thoughts of being independent..

Lastly ,a single message for every girls.Let them judge you..let them misunderstand you,Let them gossip about you..Their opinions aren’t your problem Just stay free ,committed and happy.Just be free in your authencity…Keep shining like you do …

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