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Sakshi asked for Arms License, Danger of life threatening
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Sakshi asked for Arms License, Danger of life threatening 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni’s life is in danger. This is not what we are saying. The witness has said himself. Yes, the witness has asked for an arms license while describing his life as a threat. Witnesses want to take a pistol. Prior to this, Dhoni has made his Arms License.

The evidence given by the witness in the magistrates’ office is written in that he lives alone at home. In such a way their life could be in danger. They will have to keep their arms for their safety. Therefore, they should be allowed to buy arms.

Magistrate sent his application to Argora police station. Magistrate entrusted the police to investigate the witness’s application. Police station sent the inquiry report to Hatia DSP. For further investigation, the application has been sent to the City SP and from there to the SSP Office.

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