If there is a problem in results in this year, nobody will know it. Reason, every year, every student releases a CD on the subject matter of the school, this time he did not continue saying that CD was gable. Analysis of the data available in this CD before the disturbances were caught.

More than half of the examiners failed in the Inter-Science exams. At the same time, the result of the icon is something better than the previous year.

Jharkhand Academic Council released the results of inter-science and commerce on Thursday. 48.34% in ISC and 67.49% in ICom have been declared pass candidates. A total of 92,401 candidates participated in the Inter-Science examination. Only 44,677 of these candidates could have passed. 47,724 failed. 16,618 candidates for first class, 26,337 candidates second class and 2,770 candidates passed third class.

Results should have been better

Education Minister Dr. Nira Yadav has said that the overall result is fine. If the result of science has decreased, then the results of the commerce have been better than before. This year the examination was conducted under the supervision of CCTV. It was also in the minds of pupils. The result should have been better than this, it will be reviewed. Parents do not discourage children from the result. Do not compare your child to other children.

State Top – 10 in ISc.

# Student Name School / College Full Marks
1 Deepak Kumar St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 460
2 Kajal Kumari St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 456
3 Nishant Sankalp Inter-Science College, Hazaribagh 454
4 Rohit Kumar Sahu St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 448
5 Suraj Ku Tanti Karim City College, Jamshedpur 444
6 Firdous Ansari St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 444
7 Nitish Kumar CH+2 High School, Jhumriatelaya 443
8 Shraddha Bose St. Xavier’s Girls Inter College, Chaibasa 443
9 Sumiran Gupta St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 442
10 Dev Kumar Satpathi St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi 441


State Top – 10 in ICom.

# Student Name School / College Full Marks
1 Nayab Arju Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 438
2 Vishakha Kumari Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 437
3 Nafisa Samad Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 437
4 Sambhavi Kumar Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 436
5 Poonam Raj Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 429
6 Preety Toppo Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 427
7 Swati Bhengra Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 427
8 Ruchi Kumari Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 426
9 Jagriti Kumari Ursuline Inter College, Bokaro 426
10 Shweta Kumari Ursuline Inter College, Ranchi 423

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