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Preparements for Shravani Mela in Pahari Temple In the last phase

Preparements for Shravani Mela in Pahari Temple In the last phase 

The Shravan Mela will start from July 27 in the hill city of the capital. However, due to the lunar eclipse shin, the valleys of the hill temple will be closed after 2:45 pm. But, from the night, the devotees of Shiva will start reaching the temple and on Saturday they will perform Jalabhishek of Lord Bholenath. Here, work of repairing the dirt and repair of broken stairs is underway in the hill station.
After inspection of Deputy Commissioner Rai Mahimat Ray and Sadar subdivision officer Anjali Yadav, repair of stairs is being done at the war level. Temporary barricading of more landslide areas has also been done. The pandals related to First Aid have also been made at the main entrance of the temple. The team of Sadar Hospital will be deputed here. The cleaning of dirt has also been completed by the deputed personnel on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. On the way, the work of filling the pits through the Stone Dust has also been completed. On the behalf of the district administration, adequate management of electricity, water and safety in the temple is also being done.
A separate route has been set up for the Kavarians in the temple premises for the Shravani Mela. From the backstairs of the temple the Kavarians will reach the main temple. From here they will return water by returning water. The way behind Vishwanath temple, Kali Mandir and Shani Mandir, from the back stairs, has been decided. The common devotees will reach the temple by the main road.
During the Shravani fair on every Monday, the entry of vehicles on the way to the temple from Bano Manzil Road, going to the hill station from Ratu Road will be stopped. Traffic police personnel will be deployed for this. On Monday, the first official worship in the temple will be at 3.30 am. The palate of the temple will open for the devotees at four in the morning. The temple will be closed at 7 in the evening. On the side of the hill station development committee, the dress will be done after this. Then by nine o’clock the temple pal will be open to the public.

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