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Preparation of Durga Puja 2017 in Ranchi

Preparation of Durga Puja 2017 in Ranchi 

A grand Durga Puja is also being organized this year towards Lower Chutia (Ranchi), Youth Union Durga Pooja Committee. The committee is going to create a fantasy pandal. It will be made a palace. In the decoration of the pandal, the artwork will be made by painting a piece of wood and filing on it.

Its construction has been started. The height of the pandal is about 55 feet, the width 80 feet and the length 75 feet. Its construction is done by 15 Muslim artisans from Giridih. Three lakh 51 thousand rupees are being spent this year in the construction of Pooja Pandal.

From the committee, the statue of Mother Bhavani is being prepared on the theme of Mahabharata. In this, we will get to see the vast nature of Lord Krishna. Under this vast nature of God, a 13 feet high statue of a mother in a walk will be seen. Three large electric conductor pylons will also be built on the main road of Chutia. There will also be attractive electric furnishings around the worship pandal.

This will be done by the artists of Chutia. The committee is spending Rs.1,00,000 each on this. About 10 lakh rupees will be spent on worship. In view of safety in Pooja Pandal, two extra exit doors will be built. Different doors are being made for women and men. To deal with anti-social elements, CCTV cameras will be mounted around the pandal. A huge reservoir will be organized on the occasion of Mahaashtami, Mahanavmi and Vijayadashmi for three consecutive days this year. To entertain the worshipers of Pooja Pandal, junk, naw, mickey mouse etc. will be used for the entertainment of the mini-mina market and small children.

These people are in the committee:
Apart from President Rajkumar Mahato, Pramod Gop, Lalo Mahato, Ravi Gop, Ravindra Prasad, Manoj Gopa, Badri Vishal, Rajendra Kesari, Gautam Mahato, Bhola Kesari, Mithilesh Gopa, Raju Gopa, Rajendra Mahato, Ayush Kumar, Sumit Mahato, Chunnu Gop, Ravi Mahato, Ramdev Lohra, M. Munda, Ajit Gopa, Kunal Bhokta, Dilip Gopa, Vijay Gopa, Dharmendra Soni, Amit Sahu, Virendra Gop and others.

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  1. Sajan sinha

    Nice job,Great information


    after missing my hometown during Durgotsav… i was jst checking some feed on web about Ranchi Durga puja 2017 and got surprised to see the blog which is wriiten by you Sir..!! @Baidynath Sir
    i didn’t knew that u also post blogs nd all. much exciting to read ur articles in future..
    have a great day sir…
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