The central government has stopped the amount of the first instalment to the Jharkhand for the Prime Minister Housing Scheme (Rural) to close the Rs. 700 crore. The first instalment is for 2018-19 years. The central government has clarified that the first state government should release its entire state of 2017-18, only then the central government will release the amount of this fiscal year. It is known that the state government has not allocated 271 crore rupees of the year 2017-18 so far.

Delayed at both levels: According to the information, the Central Government has also delayed release of the amount for the Prime Minister Housing Scheme. For the year 2017-18, the Central Government had issued an order to release the amount, but this amount was not received in physical form by Jharkhand. Jharkhand got delayed money.

At the same time, when the Central Government gave its share to 60 percent, Jharkhand did not give its share in that proportion. Repeat state: State government has not only given the state of 2017-18 but it will also have to give the state of 2018-19 years. If the state government gives statehood of last financial year, then the central government will release about 700 crore rupees. After this, the state has to give its share of the year 2018-19 to about Rs 466 crore.

Schemes are getting affected: In the areas of time the amount of not being released is being seen in the areas. The work of housing scheme was closed in June. Now if the amount is reduced, then there will be a situation to stop the work of residences again.


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