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Prabhu Prasad will get devotees at Babadham Shravani Mela

Prabhu Prasad will get devotees at Babadham Shravani Mela 

For the successful operation of the State Shravani Mela and for the convenience of the pilgrims coming here, a meeting was held in the chairmanship of Ramnivas Yadav under the chairmanship of the Commission for the availability, quality and rate of peda, chuda and ilaichi dana. In the meeting, the SDO said that devotees who come to Deoghar buy peda, chuda and ilaichi dana in the form of prasad from here after the burning. In such a situation, we all have the responsibility to provide offerings at quality and fixed rates.

In the meeting, the SDO directed all retail and wholesale traders to take full care of the quality of food during the fair and special attention should be taken to clean the eid around the establishment. The SDO said that it should also be taken care that any of the artists coming here will not be charged more than the fixed rate. He said that if any bulk or retailer is charging more than the fixed rate of Prasad during the Shravani Mela, strict action will be taken against the shopkeepers.

Price table of Prasad

Peda (800gm Khoa & 200gm sugar) – 320/- INR Per KG
Peda (700gm Khoa & 300gm sugar) – 300/- INR Per KG
Chuda (From Raipur) – 50/- INR Per KG
Chuda (From Verdaman) – 40/- INR Per KG
Ilaichidana – 60/- INR Per KG

During the meeting, there was talk of not using any kind of plastic material during the fair. The SDO directed all the shopkeepers that all the shopkeepers would make proper arrangements of pure drinking water in their shops. The devotees who come here should not face any difficulties and when they return to their city from here, take a good message. He further said that the dustbin arrangements and cleanliness in and around the shops should also be kept in full focus.

In this meeting, trainee IAS Hemant Satti, Nazarat sub-agent Devlal Oraon, District Public Relation Officer Ravi Kumar, Collector Mohanpur Health Officer Sudhir Kumar and wholesaler of Peda & Chuda were present. In the meeting, the SDO directed the District Public Relations Officer that the price table of food items should be attached through Banner-Poster near Kanwaria Path and Dumma Gate and comprehensive publicity of proper information related to sanitation should also be done.

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