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Postmortem house is closed, having a cost of Rs 32 lakh

Postmortem house is closed, having a cost of Rs 32 lakh 

The postmortem house building, having a cost of Rs. 31.98 lakh near Basukinath Dham located at Pathalchapati, has been closed for the last one year. At the same time, people of this area have to spend thousands of rupees with the gum and their dead body to go to Deoghar for postmortem in the accident.

Police having troubled to do to send the dead body to Deoghar. After being killed by an accident or a train, the police have to make a lot of efforts to send the dead body to Deoghat to Deoghar.

The family has to take the carriage to Deoghar with mercury. The most difficult is the postmortem of the unknown carcass. The police do not have any funds. The same problem with the common people is that after the incident, he has to spend two thousand to go to Deoghar. However, in case of death cut by railway, there is a provision of giving only Rs. 1200 for the death to the railway police.

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