Phuldungri hill is located in a village Ghatshila, East Sighbhum district of Jharkhand. The town of Ghatshila is situated at the bank of river Subarnarekha and is surrounded by forest and Dalma hills. Phuldungri is found on the borders of the State of Jharkhand and West Bengal. Phuldungri mostly is covered with Sal (Shorea robusta) and Mahua (Madhuca Longifolia) trees.

Phuldungiri Hill is carpeted with tall trees and long grasses were the source of inspiration of Bibhuti Bhusan for an additional best creation of novel “ARYAANAK” where you’ll find the lucid description of a forest.

Phuldungri is a hillock which provides a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Ghatshila in Jharkhand, separated from the main range of Dalma hills. The hillock is a complete package of scenic beauty as it is fully covered by forest. It attracts many tourists from the nearby state of West Bengal and Odisha throughout the year.

This hillock is roofed with a thick verdant forest of tall Sal and Mahua trees mostly. It will be an out-of-the-world experience if one wants to steer through the dense forest of Phuldungri, where the thick plants and trees make even sunlight difficult to pierce. There is a twisting trail covered with red pebbles through which one can approach top of Capitol Hill. The sunset and sunrise view from the hilltop is an unforgettable experience. This beautiful place attracts a lot of tourists.

The distance between Fuldungri bus stand and Phuldungri Hill is approx 24 km via NH18. Phuldungri Hill is a safe place for the tourist but it’s always better to follow certain tips while visiting as it is situated in an isolated place. Here are some tips to follow for a secure visit to Phuldungri Hill.

The hill is completely covered by the forest and therefore, it becomes isolated after sunset, so, avoid visiting the hill during the dark hours. Avoid visiting the hill alone, always be in a group. The safest time to visit is between 6 am to 4 pm. It is much safer to visit the hill during the peak season, i.e December to February. Carry water bottles, medicines, snacks, and other refreshments along.