The people of Kerala who are struggling with the floods are raising their hands for help from all sides.

People of Kerala, about 2300 kilometers away from Ranchi, may not be familiar with the villages of Ranchi, but in this hour of calamity, the people here, who are trying their level to help thousands of kilometers away from the excitement, There is an example of solidarity. The people of Sunder Vihar Colony located in Kokar formed a group on Wednesday and organized a program to collect relief funds. In this, the women of the colony, children and the elderly also participated in increased participation.

Under the program, an auto was also flagged for help in the flood in Gali-Muhalla. Vashisht Lal Paswan, about this, points out that a sum of about 11,000 rupees was collected, which will be deposited in the relief fund of the Chief Minister of Kerala. This amount is small, but ours are big ones. All the colonists also appealed to the people of Ranchi to cooperate in this noble cause. In the program, Lalit Paswan, Amit Chaurasia, Ajay, Yuvraj Paswan, Raju Ram, Nandini Kumari, Suraj Paswan, Vinay Kumar, Birendra Toppo, Meena Devi, Sheela Devi, Bulbul Kumari etc. have participated prominently.


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