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Patratu Valley incident: Now if the school bus takes a procession and will be seized

Patratu Valley incident: Now if the school bus takes a procession and will be seized 

Traffic police has become strict now after eight people died after the school bus carrying a procession taking one and a half km away from Pithauria Police station in Patratu Valley on Sunday. The school buses have been completely stopped after taking the procession. Traffic SP Sanjay Ranjan Singh has instructed to strictly follow this. Traffic policemen and police have instructed to clear that if a school bus appears to be taking a procession, then immediately seize it. Not only this, other people are being carried away in the school bus, then seize them too. After this he will be taken to know which school he is or any other person will be acted upon.

It is often seen that while taking advantage of the leave in school on Saturday and Sunday, the bus drivers use the school bus for their earnings to carry the procession. Seeing the school bus, they get permission to go to the city even during the time of no entry. Baramas are taken to school at the school bus. The example of Pithauria is an example of this.

Traffic SP said that now the bus drivers of the bus drivers will be investigated. False driving vehicles will be caught. Overloaded tracks will also be stopped. He said that now the rural police station is also contemplating giving the power to recover the fines. Consensus has been given to the rural police station to provide an alcohol meter (breathing analyzer). The proposal has been sent to Ranchi police headquarters on Monday.

Traffic SP said that it is being considered that the officers of the SIs or above of the rural police stations should be given the responsibility of taking effective steps to prevent road accidents. Each station will be given an alcohol meter.

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