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Parmavir Chakra winner Albert Ekka remembered at Paitrik Village on Shahadat Divas

Parmavir Chakra winner Albert Ekka remembered at Paitrik Village on Shahadat Divas 

Bihar’s Jharkhand’s Param Vir Chakra winner Lions Nayak Paramveer Albert Ekka’s martyrdom day was celebrated with reverence in his paitrik village. On the occasion, the dignitaries from different areas, officials of the Block Administration and the widow of Albert Ekka, wished to pay homage to Albert Ekka, in the native village, by a widow, Balmadina Ekka.

After wreaths on the statue, offering candles at the shrine near the house of Paramveer Albert Ekka and offering floral wreaths and offering a tribute to visiting guests including the Balmadina Ekka. On the spot, two minutes of silence was led by BDO Parveen Kerketta.

Prior to wreaths on the statue of Paramveer Albert Ekka, salute was given in the respect of Paramveer Albert Ekka by armed police personnel released. Among those who sacrificed their reverence, Bundhana Ekka, Block Development Officer Parveen Kerketta, Station Incharge Arvind Kumar, Station House Officer Dilip Baraiq, son Vincent Ekka, Rajni Ekka, Nand Kishore Nand, Sub-Inspector Major Sahdev Mahto, Subedar Ojha Oraon, PT officer Raghuvar Baraiq, Veerangana Mila Oraon, Reena Devi, and Iselina Toppo, employees of Block Administration Distinguished people including more people were present.

At the same time, a special cultural program was organized in the special program. In which colorful cultural program was presented by the cultural parties of different villages. After paying tribute, Subedar Sahdev Mahato said that a grand fair was being organized in his native village on the martyrdom day of Paramveer Albert Ekka. But for the past two years, fairs are held in Germana except for the release of paitrik village.

In the continuation of the fair, the people of entire Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh used to participate in the martyrdom day with the martyrdom day and worshiped the Paramveer winner. In which from the district administration, from the block administration to the enlightened people, the honorable MLAs were also involved, which seems unexpected today. The people of the East Sainik Seva Parishad, who started the first fair, come back to their native village today and wreaths their statue and returns after offering prayers.

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