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Paddy kept in barn catches fire, hunger status in front of the farmer

Paddy kept in barn catches fire, hunger status in front of the farmer 

After the cultivation of the field, after a paddy ripening, after the ripening of paddy, a farmer feels four months of hard work to cut it. In these four months, the farmer pays his full time to the farm. By which the crop is ready and the house is ready for roti. But if the prepared paddy is destroyed then the financial crisis arises in front of the farmer. Something like this happened in the village of Lakiya in Sisai block.

In the Lakiya village on Tuesday night, unknown anti-social elements set fire to the farmhouse of farmer, Azarun Mahato. As a result of the five jams of Azarun paddy became ashes in the ashes. Azarun’s son Gajendra Mahto said that the eve of Wednesday morning got up at three o’clock in the morning and went towards the barn, and saw that there was a fire in the barn.

Aroused the people around by voicing noise. Then efforts were made to extinguish the fire with the help of villagers. But till then the paddy had completely burned to ashes. They said that we had harvested the rice from the farm and had deposited it in the barn. 50 quintals of paddy was burnt by the arson. There is an economic loss of around 75 thousand rupees.

He said that due to burning of paddy, the situation of hunger in the house will arise. Because there was no other means of livelihood except this paddy. Here, on receiving the notice, Mukhiya Sugiya Devi has assured the farmers to get financial support from the area after reaching the arson site.

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