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Numbers of tiger and elephants increased in Betla National Park in Palamu

Numbers of tiger and elephants increased in Betla National Park in Palamu 

The tiger and the elephant are being attacked by Jharkhand. The result of this is that the number of tigers and elephants is increasing in Betla National Park in Palamu. There were four tigers here in 2014 which increased to 6 in 2017. In this period, the number of elephants has increased from 150 to 186. This is confirmed by MP Singh, Director of Palamu Tiger Reserve.

There is an increase in the number of tigers-elephants in the park, as confirmed by Scat Wild Life. This government organization calculates tiger-elephants through DNA test here. The effect of the increase in the number of wildlife is that the number of tourists coming here has also increased significantly. Considering the increasing number of animals, the forest department is now trying to remove the people settled around the park and settle it elsewhere so that both humans and wildlife can stay safe. The forest department wants to set up other wild beasts inside the park as well as going to settle down for food.

DFO Anil Kumar Mishra said that the various parts of the country where the number of sambar (species of deer) is high, the Sampras have been brought here so that the natural environment and food and water for the tigers are available inside the park.

Forest department is putting special type of grass inside the park so that the tigers’ claws from the rough and rocky land cannot be injured. Apart from this, greenery is also being extended for elephants. Pipeline has been laid in the pond for the animals in the park, so that there is no shortage of drinking water for the animals, so that the ponds can be filled as soon as the water level decreases.

Despite the increase in number of tiger-elephants, the threat of Naxalites is also mounting at Betla National Park. It is worth mentioning that an elephant died in the bomb blast this month. The bomb was planted by Naxalites. A guide was also murdered here this month. This threatens the safety of wildlife, while it may have adverse effects on the tourists coming here.

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