The recruitment and surgery of general patients in RIMS is prohibited until further orders. This decision has been taken by RIMS management in view of the ever increasing case of corona infection. Earlier on Wednesday, there was a meeting with the heads of clinical departments and members of the Covid19 Task Force. Several points were discussed in detail in this.

RIMS spokesperson Dr. DK Sinha said that three parts of the hospital are engaged in treatment of man power Covid19. As many wards are there, Covid19 wards are being built everywhere. In such a situation, it would not be dangerous to recruit patients. In view of this, this decision has been taken.

RIMS has more than a dozen wards, where every 1000 patients are treated. Dr. DK Sinha said that most patients are admitted in the cardiology department, but now there has been a ban. He informed that serious patients will continue to be treated in various departments. If anyone has a serious illness or has an emergency surgery, they will be admitted to RIMS in such a situation.

In RIMS, patients from various districts of the state including Ranchi arrive for treatment. People from not only Jharkhand but its neighboring states also come to RIMS hoping for better treatment and treatment. This decision of the management will increase the discomfort of such patients.

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