Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that 14 schemes of National Highway in Jharkhand have been approved. He has also informed that about Rs 670.7 crore will be spent on the construction of these roads 127.93 km long. The roads that have been allowed to be built include reconstruction of a major portion of NH 333A on which Rs 76.5 crore will be spent. In addition, a portion of NH 143B will be widened at a cost of Rs 81.59 crore.

Rs 18.07 crore has been sanctioned for the strengthening of NH 100. The Union Transport and Highways Minister also reported spending Rs 148.24 crore on widening and strengthening of Basukinath road from Dumka. The great thing is that many of these roads pass through the Naxalite affected areas and will prove to be an important link for connecting the areas around the extreme Naxal-affected areas. The construction of these roads will facilitate the movement of the borders of Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Bengal and will benefit from passenger vehicles to freighters.

Work on these major roads will be done:

  1. Widening and strengthening of canopy from Gonia, NH 99 (Length – 38 km, Cost – Rs. 114 Crore).
  2. Construction of ROB at Chandwa-Tory, NH 99 (Cost – Rs. 43 crores).
  3. Tower Chowk Dumka to Basukinath road widening NH 114A (length-22 km, cost-Rs. 148 crores).
  4. Construction of bridge over Chhindanala on NH 23 (cost Rs. 5 crores).
  5. Road Strengthening from Kolebera to Simdega, NH 23 (Length – 36 km, Cost – Rs. 38 Crore).
  6. Strengthening NH 23 from Simdega to Bansjor (length-39 km, cost-Rs 39 crore).
  7. Construction of bridge on Sarai Pani waterfall drain, NH 23 (Cost-2 Crore Rupees).
  8. Strengthening of Jori from Gosaideh-Bihar-Jharkhand border NH 99 (length-19 km, cost-Rs. 50 crores).
  9. Strengthening road from Singhani Check to NH 100 (Length- 15 km, Cost- Rs. 22 Crore).
  10. Strengthening of Godda NH 133 from Hatabandha, Lalmatia (length-37 km, cost-Rs. 35 crores).
  11. Safety and Traffic Improvement Measures NH 343 (Cost -16 Crore Rupees) in Annaraj Valley.
    12 & 13. Rehabilitation / repair of Usri bridge and Barakar bridge NH 114A & 419 (Cost-3 crores).
  12. Strengthening of Bank diversion Dhanbad from Murgatal to NH 218 (Length – 44 km, Cost – Rs. 85 Crore).
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