As to impress and marry Lord Shiva Devi Parvati did tapsya. Shiva tries his best to discourage her telling his weaknesses and personality problems. But Parvati refuses to listen and insists in her resolve. During this time demon Prachandasur attacked Parvati with millions of asura to breach her tapsya so he could stop her to marry Shiva. Devi Lakshmi and Saraswati defended Parvati but the number of demons were so much that they were unable to handle. Then the kamandal kept beside Parvati fell and all demons gets washed away in flood. And as Parvati opens her eyes slightly, the Prachandasur burned to ashes from the fire that came from her eyes. Everyone in the universe including Lord Shiva was impressed by her tapsya and finally accepts her to marry. This asceticism aspect of Parvati is deemed to goddess Brahmacharini.