Naulakha Temple is one of the main attractions of Deoghar. Baidyanath Dham tour would be incomplete without it. Naulakha Temple is located 2km away from Deoghar, Jharkhand.

Basically it is a Radha-Krishna’s Jugal Temple, but famous as “Naulakha Temple” for its construction cost (i.e. Nine Lakhs). Queen Charusila Devi (Kolkata) was the founder of this shrine, as well as admirer of Revered SaintBalananda Bramhachari“, so his idol also venerated here.

This temple is a magnificent illustration of traditional Indian art and architecture, now on the verge of devastation due to lack of appropriate conservation. It seems that Central or State Government, or local administration would be inattentive regarding this matter. More travellers can be captivated by revamping the adjacent area. At present this temple under the control of “Kolkata High Court“.