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Moving bus full of travellers caught fire

Moving bus full of travellers caught fire 

Seeing a moving bus full of travellers in Jharkhand, water has become ashes. In it the bus of the bus conductor was burnt alive. He died on the spot. He has been identified as the conductor Nimai Dey of the pagal baba busHe is said to be a resident of the Jarmundi of Basukinath in Dumka district.

It is said that as soon as the Amrapada reached near Pokhariya Road, there was a fire. Seeing only, it turned into fire shawls and in a short while the bus was completely burnt to ashes. In it the bus crashed into the bus alive alive One year ago, his son was killed in an accident near the Riya Raman Line Hotel in DumkaIn the accident near Pokhariya Road of Amrapada, other passengers aboard the bus did not suffer much loss.

According to reports in the social media, the high-tension wire fell on the bus in Pokhariya Road in Amrapada police station area, due to which a fire broke out. Initially the number of dead was told 6, but later it was told that only one person died. There was a lot of bicycles on the bus.

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