In the market of Palkot block in Bazaar Taad a mother left her innocent son near the liquor shop and ran away. The child is being told a year. According to the information, a woman had come to drink alcohol on Monday. After that she left the child and ran away. Seeing the innocent girl crying near the liquor shop, Kalki Ram and Prabha Devi, couple of Kurum Upkhammhan village, took the child in the lap.

The parents of the child were searched for one hour. When no one came forward, the couple took the child to their home. On Tuesday, the couple handed over the child to the CWC office. Now the child is kept in Mother Teresa Charity. CWC member Grace Khess said that the parents of the child are being searched. The parents will be examined after the meeting and the child will be assigned.

Grace Khess told that after drinking the potential women, the woman would be intoxicated. For this reason, he must have left the child. Or the child should have come to some person or someone else. It may be that the child is deliberately left out. Unless the child’s parents are found out. Something can not be said clearly. At present the child is under the protection of the CWC.

In the Palkot Bazaar Tad, liquor and horse are sold. Prabha Devi had gone to drink alcohol with her husband’s Kalika Ram. Only then did a child see crying. The couple were intoxicated. Still supported the child. First find his parents. When they did not get to their home village Khamhan.

There, the village’s Fulmani Devi aka Gudiya informed Panchayat-inspired Pramila Kumari to meet a child. After this, the couple reached the couple’s house and advised the police to hand over the case to the CWC while stating the case. On Tuesday, the two women reached the CWC office on Tuesday and handed over the child to the couple.


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