Traffic police took action against drivers without masks and violating government orders in the capital. On the first day, policemen of Lalpur, Gonda, Jagannathpur and Kotwali Traffic Police Station caught 415 people without masks and their challans were cut off at various square intersections. Two lakh seven thousand five hundred rupees have been fined from these people.

According to the information, the police of Gonda traffic station deducted a fine of 34,500 from 69 people, Lalpur traffic station 874 from 174 people, Jagannathpur police station 32,500 from 65 people and Kotwali traffic police station 53,500 from 107 people. Significantly, after the relaxation of lockdown last year, there was a campaign against those who walk without masks.

During that time, 2309 people were arrested from 14 August to 10 October. A total of 11 lakh 55 thousand rupees was imposed on these people. Many people had paid the fine. At the same time, on those who have not paid the fine, the police can send a report to the court for prosecution.

Fines of Rs 500 being imposed for not wearing masks.

Deputy Commissioner Chhabi Ranjan on Thursday launched a mask checking campaign at the GEL Church Complex. During this, he appealed to the operators of all the shops and establishments of the complex to put a board of ‘No Mask, No Entry‘. He said that shopkeepers who do not follow these rules of administration, action will be taken on them.

The district administration team of Ranchi investigated more than 100 shops in the city on Thursday. In this, 16 shops violating the Corona Guideline were immediately closed. Another team of the administration warned 26 shops in Sukhdevanagar, Gonda, Lower Bazaar through a notice of violation of the Corona Guideline.

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