Delhi police team arrested Manjeet Karketta, accused in the murder of minor Soni Kumari (16) on May 4 in Delhi. He is a resident of Kamada of Gumla. In the interrogation, the accused told that he went to Delhi with Sahu and Gauri in the name of getting work for girls of Jharkhand. He promised to get them a good salary. In this sequence, Manjeet kept Sony for work in a house. But he kept the money he received in return for the job, so that he could keep him under his control.

A year later, the minor demanded money from the accused. But he refused to give it. After this, he started pressuring Manjeet to get the money and cried – screaming. Then Manjeet made plans to assassinate his colleagues and kill him. After this, he cut off the minor and killed him and threw the body in a bag and threw it off.

It is noteworthy that the Delhi Police had recovered the body of one of the pieces in a bag on May 4. The case was registered in Miyanwali Nagar police station of Delhi on the case. After the incident, the body was not identified even after interrogating the nearby people.

But the police got information from the locals that a tenant who was supposed to be from Gumla, from the time of the incident, had also disappeared suddenly. In the past, he was raided in search of Gumla but he did not get it in his house. After getting information about her arrival to Delhi, the police has arrested her from Delhi. After the arrest of the accused, the body was identified as Soni Kumari, resident of Lapung’s Malgo.


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