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Make the legs beautiful and attractive, Enhanced Demand of Fish Spa in Ranchi
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Make the legs beautiful and attractive, Enhanced Demand of Fish Spa in Ranchi 

The trend of fish spa is visible in the capital. With Fish Spa, you can make your feet beautiful and attractive. It also provides relief from foot pain. Fish Spa is a trend of Pedicure. In it, Gara Rufa, a fish called fish, eliminates dead cells. Polishing works in the legs. It also normalizes the blood circulation of the body. The most important thing is that this spa does not have any side effects, people with patients and skin problems are prohibited from doing fish spas.

Fish spa is available at Nucleus Mall, High Street Mall and Spring City Mall in Ranchi. The craze in the youth is visible in this regard. The facility of Fish Spa in the city on the lines of Metro City is making the youth very enthralled. The convenience of this facility (fish spa) up to 15 minutes is 150 rupees.

Manas Singh, a fish spell in Nucleus Mall, says that this is a new trend for Ranchi. Approximately 20-25 customers per day are having a Fish Spa. Manas says that these special fishes are brought from Kolkata and Chennai. At one time it is given to food at night. These fish have to take special care, as soon as they dip their legs, it starts to clean the feet with their mouths and change the water from time to time.

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