Maithon Dam was specially designed for flood control and generates 60,000 kW of electric power. There is an underground power station, the first of its kind in the whole of South East Asia. The dam is constructed on the Barakar River. The lake is spread over 65 square kilometres (25 sq mi).

The Maithon Dam is located at Maithon, 48 km from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. The dam lies in the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal with a bank in both the states. Maithon Dam is 15,712 ft (4,789 m) long and 165 ft (50 m) high.

Maithon derives its name from the Hindi word ‘Mai ka Sthan’ which means ‘place of the Mother goddess’. It is one of the well-known tourist spots in the state of Jharkhand.

The dam is surrounded by lush green landscapes and blue hills which attracts many people throughout the year. Here we bring you every detail about the largest dam of Jharkhand, Maithon Dam.

Maithon dam was constructed by the Damodar Valley Corporation across river Barakar, a tributary of river Damodar in the year 1957 as a flood control measure. It has the biggest reservoir in DVC.

In 1942, during the course of World War II, a flood occurred in the Damodar valley region that cut Calcutta off from the rest of the country for a period of 10 weeks. Soon the government sprang into action & called Mr. W.L.Voord, a civil engineer of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). He designed the plan of the dams by 1945. Finally the first dam of independent India came up on July 7, 1953 at Tilaiya. Soon Konar, Maithon & Panchet Dam followed in its footsteps in 1955, 1957 and 1959 respectively.

Damodar Valley Corporation is a government-owned organization which operates both hydel and thermal power stations, under the Ministry of Power of Government of India.

Maithon dam is one of the best places to plan a picnic with your family or your buddies. A picnic by the riverside or in the forest is something very rare for the city dwellers. And the exciting part is one can also cook food in the woods here. The monsoon months of July and August is that time of the year when the dam is at its best as the water level is high. It is the best time for a road trip. Maithon Dam is open 24 hours but it is best to visit it during day time. Avoid going to the dam after sunset as it is located in an isolated place.